Work with us


We’re looking to hire a full-time farmer to work with us May-September of 2021, with potential for this employment to turn into worker-ownership of Humble Hands Harvest.IMG_2243.jpg

The basics:

  • We can pay $10/hr and expect 40 hours of work per week, with occasional weekend work.
  • You’ll be part of weekly field walks in which we decide on priorities.
  • Some tasks we all work on together; many tasks we work on individually. Be prepared to have fun doing repetitive tasks by yourself!
  • Our work is primarily with plants, in the vegetable fields and orchards, though you’ll be trained in on animal chores and will get ample opportunity to commune with our sheep and pigs.
  • You’ll work farmers market at least twice a month.
  • This job requires physical capacity to work in all weather, bend over, kneel, squat, and lift 50 lbs that might be a kicking sheep.

What you’ll be part of:

  • Humble Hands Harvest is organized as a worker-owned cooperative; Emily and Hannah share in ownership of this land and business, and working for us is the start of the path to co-ownership of HHH. After a trial year or two of employment, a person could have the chance to buy in and become a worker-owner.
  • We make most of our income by selling organic vegetables, pastured pork, and grass-finished lamb at the Decorah Farmers Market and through a CSA. This is mostly what you’ll help us accomplish.
  • We’re in the process of developing a no-till system in our vegetable fields! This means plenty of hand work, some record keeping of our experimentation, and with any luck, more resilient and healthy soil.
  • We have 200+ chestnut, hazelnut, and hickory-pecan trees, 30+ fruit trees, raspberries, strawberries, and asparagus already established. We’ll be caring for them for several more years before they produce a crop.
  • In 2020 we established a 2.5 acre hyper-diverse apple orchard. Looking forward to fruit in a few years!
  • We rotationally graze a flock of 16 katahdin-dorper ewes on most of our 22 acres. The lambs are grass-finished.
  • We rotationally pasture feeder pigs on a few acres near the nut tree plantings. We feed them organic grain and vegetable scraps in addition to what they root up.
  • We host the Queer Farmer Convergence annually. In 2019, 55 queer farmers from across the country camped out here for a weekend and had a blast!
  • We’re hoping to build human culture along with our agriculture, and are always looking for ways to connect people to this piece of ground.

If you’re interested in helping us grow food in 2021, and helping us build a farm that gets even better year by year, contact us!