The second-annual Queer* Farmer** Convergence happened in Decorah, Iowa August 24-26, 2019! To be in the know on Queer Farmer Network activities, including and especially the convergence, sign up for our email list and follow us on instagram @queerdirt.

The Queer Farmer Convergence was conceived as a gathering to build community among queer farmers and to reflect on and interrupt racist, capitalist, and heteropatriarchal legacies in U.S. agriculture. It also works to build community among queer farmers as an antidote to the isolation that many of us experience in our daily lives.

Pre-order a 2020 sexy queer farmer calendar here! This calendar was born out of a spontaneous moment at QFC 2019. We acknowledge the overrepresentation of white bodies in these photos, and it matches the overrepresentation of white bodies at the QFC so far. This calendar acts as a fundraiser to shift that. The hope is that with the money generated from the sales of this calendar we will be able to fund more scholarships and travel expenses for BIPOC attendees in the coming years. 

And: Here is the queer farmer ZINE created at the first convergence in 2018! (printable version) /// (digital-view version)

If this calendar or zine (or anything else!) inspires you to give to the Queer Farmer Convergence, which is run on a gift economy, you can donate here!