We’ve been in the news a great deal over the past few years. Our story is important for young farmers, women farmers, queer farmers, and regenerative farmers–we think what we are doing here needs to be replicated and adapted far and wide so that we can revitalize rural communities, empower workers on the land, and restore our earth. Below are links to a few places you can read or listen to parts of our story.

Here’s the movie we made in 2019 about our land access story.

Here is the Land Stewardship Project’s 2019 coverage of the same story.

Here is Practical Farmers of Iowa’s 2019 coverage of that story.

“In Her Boots” podcast interviewed Hannah for a wide ranging conversation, epsiodes 87 through 90.

Minnesota Public Radio talked with Hannah for their Flyover 2020 Series.

We made this video in 2020 about ourselves, the commons, and our house project.

Hannah’s experience of being flooded out is featured on the Iowa Climate Stories website.

Who’d’ve ever expected our work would be featured on Autostraddle? Here’s a story about the Queer Farmer Convergence.

Oregon Tilth interviewed Hannah for a 3 bite-sized podcasts, on leadership, climate resilience, and our business structure.

Hannah and Humble Hands Harvest was featured in a MOSES podcast in their cooperative series in early 2021.

Hannah was on a panel with 3 other powerful and smart women in April 2021 about the Changing Face of Iowa Farming, through Iowa State University.

On Earth Day 2021 we were featured in a YES! magazine article entitled “The Queer-Led Groups Modeling a New Form of Land Access.”