Building the Future

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$49,919 raised so far!

We’re actively fundraising for a house on the farm! A house here will complete the regeneration of this land, from an eroded cornfield to a vibrant community space for connecting to the land, to food, and to each other. Want some visuals? Here’s a video!

We’re an unconventional farm: women-owned, worker-owned, highly diverse, and perennial. We’re continuing that pattern by imagining unconventional methods of financing a house. We’re inviting our communities to invest in this house-building project by contributing to what we call The Commons. In short, The Commons is our way of minimizing the financial barriers of future farmers on this land to the work of feeding their neighbors and the soil. See our FAQ page for more–and check out this graphic by Kristin Eggen!


The work of this farm is for a better world, right here, beyond our lifetimes. Please join us in building it!

Give here. Make a pledge by emailing Or, send a check in the mail and we’ll write you back:

Humble Hands Harvest // 2741 Hidden Falls Road // Decorah, IA 52101

We are so grateful to the individuals who have given to this house-building project:

Natasha Hegmann ~ Pete Kerns ~ Nett Hart ~ Sue & Lyle Otte ~ David Cavagnaro ~ Julie & Rob Fischer ~ George & Joann Hagen ~ Perry-O & David Sliwa ~ Don & Carola Breckbill ~ Holly Moore ~ Murray & Helen Bowman ~ Nicole Bauman ~ Matthew & Melissa Bills ~ Bill Deutsch ~ Martha Davis ~ Anita Breckbill ~ Lee Farese ~ Steve & Lulu Yoder ~ Judy Bender ~ QZ ~ Annelise Brandel-Tanis ~ Cecilia Lapp Stoltzfus ~ Katie Blanchard ~ Ben Gockel ~ Kathryn Vanney ~ Liz Kolbe ~ Jesse Mulert ~ Freeda Brook ~ Ben & Laurel Woodward-Breckbill ~ Pine & Ted Wilson ~ Andrea Becker ~ Marin Hanson ~ Scott Roser ~ Jane & Susan ~ Abby Dubisar ~ Steffen Mirsky ~ Ren & Grace Olive ~ Anne Breckbill ~ Sophia Rog ~ P&L Blanchard ~ Liz Rog ~ Daniel Rotto ~ Joel & Sarah Fagan ~ Kayla Koether ~ Landon Corlett ~ Elizabeth Nguyen ~ Ava Auen-Ryan ~ Hawthorn McCracken ~ Mya Dosch ~ Miles Harris ~ Birgitta Meade ~ David & Rhonda Schoenmaker ~ Bruce & Jill Detweiler-Breckbill ~ Joan Heim-Welch ~ Natalie Phillips ~ Laura Stoesz ~ Aleta Borrud ~ Kate & Jon Ailabouni ~ Dayna & Nick Burtness-Nguyen ~ Kate Barut ~ and many more fine & anonymous folks!