Find us at farmers market for cuts of pork and lamb. If you want to buy a whole or half animal, get in touch with us at Our meat is butchered and delivered to your freezer in the fall.

Pastured Pork

We raise feeder pigs rotationally. In addition to fresh pasture, they’re fed organic grain and vegetable scraps galore. They root around in the mud, take naps in the shade, and generally lead admirable lives that end with delicious food in the freezer!

Whole or half pig $6/lb hanging weight plus processing fee

Grass-fed and -finished Lamb

Our sheep flock has been with Hannah since 2014, and we move them daily, sometimes multiple times a day, to fresh grass on the farm during the growing season. Their role on the farm is not only to produce delicious and healthy meat, but to improve the soil’s health with their grazing and manuring.

Whole lamb: $9.50/lb hanging weight plus processing fee