Support our Mission

As we endeavor to provide food for our community that is cloud sunset
nourishing and local, explicitly connected to the land and the seasons, and that builds soil for a resilient, perennial agriculture, we need the diverse support of many eaters. Only together can we move into the future with faith and wholeness.

The most basic way we can use your support is through a season-long investment in our farm, in the form of a CSA share or Meat bundle. This is the way you tell the farmers, “we need your work,” which is as valuable to us as the money you invest.

If you want to lend your labor to the farm, there are a number of ways you can do that. We’ll keep a ‘work day list’ of people who express interest in lending a hand a few times a season. If you’re interested in working really regularly, in exchange for vegetables, learning, money, or some combination of those things, contact us!

In March 2018 we participated in the Winneshiek Idea House, in which community members pledged support for the farm in terms of sponsorships of the hazelnut, chestnut, and hickory-pecan trees we planted later that year. Even if you missed the event, you can still sponsor a tree for $20, as a gift to the future of this place.

Agriculture is a capital-intensive business that doesn’t provide a high income to the farmers. We’ve relied on many gifts to be able to get started, and to acknowledge that reliance, we’ve made “the commons” part owner of our worker-owned co-operative. That means, if you give a gift to the farm to help us fund solar panels, a root cellar, trees, or a house, that gift will stay with the farm and the people who become the next stewards of this land. We who currently steward the land will gladly put to use whatever financial gifts you have to offer to the future of this place.