Meat Offerings

Our Practices

Our pastured pigs are purchased locally from heritage-breed stock. We raise them rotationally on pasture and feed them organic feed as well as vegetable scraps and gleaned apples. They live a happy, outdoor life, which shows up in their delicious flavor!

Our sheep flock has been with Hannah since 2014, and we move them daily, sometimes multiple times a day, to fresh grass on the farm during the growing season. Their role on the farm is not only to produce delicious and healthy meat, but to improve the soil’s health with their grazing and manuring.

How to buy

We have cuts available seasonally at the Winneshiek Farmers Market. Lamb is available much of the season, and we have pork in the fall. See our price list below.

We would love to reserve a whole or half pig or lamb for you–our availability is limited, so sign up here and we’ll be in touch!

If you’d like a meat bundle in the fall, worth $100 or $250, you can reserve it here and pre-pay in the spring or summer. That way we know that our meat has a kitchen to go to, and our feed and labor expenses for the season can be covered.

Price List


Leg of lamb      $12/lbIMG_20171126_161342026-EFFECTS

Lamb chops     $12/lb

Stew Meat        $11/lb

Ground lamb   $11/lb

Lamb shanks   $9/lb

Rack of lamb   $18/lb

Organs              $7/lb

Bones                $3/lb



Butt and Loin roasts    $9/lb

Pork chops.                    $10/lb

Bacon                              $11/lb

Ham and ham hocks    $11/lb

Ground pork.                $9/lb

Bratwurst (garlic, jalapeño, herb, and tomato basil flavors seasonally available)  $12/lb