January farmer life

What do farmers do in the winter? Well, we cook a lot of squash and potatoes. We experiment with fermentation–sourdough with home-grown hand-harvested wheat, as well as a sauerkraut party last week with the last of the cabbages! We sat down to make our budget for the year. We’ve made our seed orders, and are … More January farmer life

The Carrots are Here! A Farmraiser come to Fruition.

From Hannah: Do you all remember when we launched a farmraiser, complete with a party and a crowdfunding campaign? It’s been a deliciously full six months. So much has changed in that time: the carrots were planted, they germinated, we weeded them a time or two, and now we just started to harvest them. Before … More The Carrots are Here! A Farmraiser come to Fruition.

CSA 6/28

As I sit writing this I see two deer in the pasture next to the vegetable field, and I’m so grateful for the deer fence that went up this spring! I also see four deer just up the hill from where my sheep are today–yowza! They’re everywhere! Hearing coyotes yapping too, and frogs and crickets, … More CSA 6/28