About Humble Hands Harvest

August 7th, 2017
Humble Hands Harvest is a co-operatively run farm. We grow 2+ acres of organic vegetables, grass-finished sheep, pastured pork, and fruit and nut trees.  We distribute to restaurants in Decorah, IA, Rochester, MN, and the Twin Cities; at farmers markets in Decorah and Cedar Rapids, IA; and through a CSA program in Decorah and Rochester. Hannah Breckbill has been farming since 2009 and started Humble Hands Harvest in 2013. In 2017 the farm added Emily Fagan, certified organic, and found a long-term home on Hidden Falls Road, near Decorah, Iowa.


Humble Hands Harvest practices un-conventional, organic, visionary, slow-growing agriculture. We strive to create a resilient landscape that grounds a vibrant local culture.

Humble Hands Harvest is the first enterprise on a piece of land that we hope to grow into a perennial polyculture commons – where a wide diversity of tree crops produce year after year, animals happily graze, vegetables are abundant through the seasons, and the soil is fertile and teeming with life. We are committed to restorative agriculture that feeds our community, improves the soil, and connects people intimately to the food that we eat, and so to this piece of our earth.



We’ve been in the news lately! Check out this article on Hannah’s 2016 season in Inspire(d) magazine. It starts on page 50!