About the Farmers

We are young women: unconventional on the Iowa farm scene, to say the least. We’re grounded in this landscape and driven to make a difference in this place, so maybe you’ll be seeing more lady farmers in the future! Get to know us more:


Hannah Breckbill grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska. She’s been farming since 2009 when she interned as a CSA manager at World Hunger Relief outside of Waco, Texas. She moved to Decorah, Iowa in 2010 to work at Rock Spring Farm and was part of Land Stewardship Project’s Farm Beginnings and Journeyperson programs where she crafted a vision (and a business plan!) for her farm. After a brief stint at Seed Savers Exchange, she founded Humble Hands Harvest in 2013. Hannah is currently finishing the Savings Incentive Program with the Practical Farmers of Iowa and serves on the board of Northeast Iowa Peace and Justice Center. Besides loving growing things very very much, Hannah plays upright bass with klezmer/Balkan band Martiza. She is queer, a Mennonite, and spends her winters dreaming, fermenting things, and traveling with peacemakers and craftmakers.


emilyEmily Fagan‘s vegetable growing experience began as a garden educator at Zenger Farm in Portland, OR, and continued with a season as an intern at Cure Organic Farm in Boulder, CO. Spring of 2016 brought her to Patchwork Green Farm in Decorah, IA, and she was so happy to be back in her home state that she decided to put down some roots and stay. She is excited to have the opportunity to learn alongside Hannah while she dives into every facet of the vegetable farming business. What better way to fuel the growth of Decorah’s vibrant community than with beautiful cabbages, glowing carrots, and adorable eggplants?